Vision Systems

Vision inspection system for food application

McRae Integration's vision group provides vision system services to customers in several industries, for a variety of applications. Our team has successfully taken on technically challenging projects that were refused as not feasible by our competitors. We engineer reliable vision solutions, leveraging off-the-shelf components whenever possible to ensure that the best support is always available to our customers.

Machine Vision Services

Screenshot of McRae vision system HMI

McRae offers a variety of vision system services:

  • 3-D Robotic Guidance
  • Visual Defect Detection
  • Non-Contact Measurement
  • Barcode Reading

We use our extensive expertise in both vision and robotics to pair our vision systems with our robotic automation systems for complete solutions.

Your Vision System Assessment

McRae Integration wants you to feel comfortable with your decision to choose us to design your vision system. Our assessment begins with a scheduled phone or in-person conversation so that we can understand your needs and goals. Following this, we will arrange a site visit so that we can supply you with a detailed and accurate quote.

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